• I would highly encourage you to tell lawyers to make their clients take the class right away, even before in initial decree is entered. In my misinformation hurt me. My parents split and later reconciled. But when they were apart, I always recalled hearing how sole custody with visitation was best for us. My partner said the same thing because it was easiest for their rountine. I thought this was accurate. After reviewing some of the parenting plans, the discussion of joint custodies, and reviewing facts online, I realize this isn't in their best interest. I appreciate the course! Thanks!
  • ...I thought the course went great! Very informative, worth the time and money, it's a class to look into for any struggling couple - court appointed or not!
  • Overall I found this classes very informative. I would highly recommend it to any parent going through a separation or It was very educational and easy to follow and navigate through.
  • I like the mix of videos, quizzes, and tests on slides.
  • Overall the entire class was very informative.
  • The ease of taking it online at my own leisure. If I needed to take a break or go back and review something it was very simple to do.
  • Just seeing what so much conflict could do to my son, it was an eye opener. I have a better understanding on how to deal with conflict and what affects him.
  • Its online availability and the fact that it was easy to understand.... not too technical.
  • It helped me better understand how my daughter might feel during this time, and helped answer many questions I had. I enjoyed the entire thing. I feel like it really makes you think more about the child/children and I liked that the best.