What is Mediation?

Mediation is one approach to problem-solving. A mediator is a professional, neutral party, who is not invested in anyone’s "side."

There are many positives to mediating a parenting plan:

  1. Sometimes creating a parenting plan with attorneys can be a long, drawn out process. Mediation may be a cost- and time-effective method because a parenting plan mediation can take as little as two hours.

  2. Mediators cannot impose a solution – parents are the boss.

  3. Mediation is confidential.

  4. Mediation is less threatening than court.

  5. Parents can mediate separately, so if you and your ex cannot be in the same room together, the mediator will go back and forth between the parties and work on an agreement until it gets done.

  6. Mediators stress the importance of putting aside personal issues for the sake of the child, and are very good at redirecting a parent's focus back to the issue that really matters -- the child.

If you would like to know more about the possibility of mediating your parenting plan, please contact me to set up an initial interview.

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