Nebraska Parenting Classes – C.O.P.E.

We offer basic level and 2nd level 2-hour parenting classes with same day certificate.

Basic Level Parent Education Classes

According to the Nebraska Parenting Act, each parent is required to attend a basic level parent education class. Basic level parent education classes can be taken either online or in-the-classroom.


Online parent education classes are $24.95 and take approximately two hours. Click here for additional information.


In-the-classroom parent education classes are private and are offered days/evenings, and weekends. The fee for private classes is $40.00. Click here to contact the instructor and schedule your class.

Second (2nd) Level Parent Education Classes

A court may also order some parents to attend a second level parent education class. Second level parent education classes can only be given by Nebraska educators, and in-person attendance is required (the Office of Dispute Resolution has not approved online 2nd level classes). The fee for the second level class is $50.00. In limited circumstances, second level classes can be taken via Facetime or Skype; the fee for this class is $60.00. Click here to contact the instructor and schedule your class.

The above classes are approved by the Nebraska State Court Administrators' Office and meet the requirements of the Parent Act, Ne. Rev. Stat. section 43-2928. They are approved for all counties in Nebraska, and meet the guidelines for parents who are divorcing, seeking custody, establishing paternity, or modifying their decree. La clase en español por el internet no está lista en este momento, sin embargo, se puede contactar Beth Benjamin-Alvarado para una clase particular, (402) 960-4397.


In addition to parent education classes, we offer family/parenting plan mediation. Please click here for additional information.